An established language school with a good reputation for 23 years, Dương Minh Language School continues its steady development as one of the largest English language schools that have achieved a key position in Hồ Chí Minh City. With every passing year, Dương Minh Language School is reaping more valuable rewards for its long and glorious operations.

In this short account, we would merely point out significant statistics of the achievements of Dương Minh Language School within a short period of its long history of success. The school management, teaching staff, and parents of our students – all share a common joy and pride with the 1.085 learners of 2010, 1.120 learners of 2011, and 1.252 learners of 2012 who were formally presented with Starters, Movers, Flyers, KET and PET Certificates of the University of Cambridge.

These over 3.000 students, who have acquired a commendable background knowledge of the English language, together with thousands of other students of Dương Minh Language School will become an active factor that will make substantial contributions, both physical and mental, towards the betterment of our society in the foreseeable future.

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