Representatives of 2.854 Students of the Academic year 2012-2013

Received the Cambridge English Certificates at Dương Minh Language School

Whoever comes to Dương Minh Language School these days feels the joy and the air of festivity on the occasion of the Certificate Presentation Ceremony. 285 students of our school who got perfect scores in the Cambridge tests will be representatives of our 2.854 excellent students, whose scores were also very high in the Cambridge tests in the year 2012-2013, to receive the certificates.

Our students have continued to score the highest ranks in the Cambridge English tests thanks to effective instruction and guidance of our devoted teaching staff. In the previous school year, 85% of our students who took the tests scored 14 shields in the Starters tests, 82% scored 13 shields in the Movers tests, 80% scored more than 12 shields in the Flyers tests, and over 50% achieved excellent results in the KET and PET tests.

The solemn ceremony was marked by the attendance of the American Consul General in Hồ Chí Minh City LÊ THÀNH ÂN and his wife, the Representative of the Cambridge Exam Boards, and large numbers of young learners and their parents. A lot of proper preparation had been done to ensure success of the ceremony by over 400 teachers, both Vietnamese and international, and thousands of students of our school. And it was double joy when Mr. Lê Thành Ân presented the certificates to the young winners.

Throughout our 24-year leading role in the English teaching field, Dương Minh Language School justifiably boasts that thousands of our students have achieved good results in the Cambridge English tests, ranging from Starters to KET and PET levels. Many of those students have proven outstanding Vietnamese intellect in universities of countries advanced in the domain of learning worldwide.

The Presentation Ceremony of Cambridge English Certificates was not only an important event to our students but also a golden page of our school’s history as an English teaching institution. As a matter of fact, successive remarkable achievements like this have been an inspiration to both teachers and students of Dương Minh Language School. We will strive for higher standards and make more significant contributions to our country’s educational development.

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